Our vision at bitSprout is to sprout openness.

  • Open Communication is key when discussing, identifying and analysing client needs and problems. We keep our communication channels open with our clients for every step of the way to ensure high quality results.
  • Open Community relations is key when working with open source projects. We are eager to help conceptualize, produce and patch developed modules and contribute, when possible, to help everyone grow.
  • Open Creativity is what we promote to create an positive and freethinking environment
As Drupalers

First and foremost, we are Drupal enthusiasts! After years of working on proprietary content management systems, Drupal has been a refreshing change. It is extremely flexible and offers endless possibility with customizations. Did we mention the Drupal community rocks!  We build websites and web applications with a solid architecture, and we focus on making robust and standard compliant sites.

As Professionals

We bring a wide variety of expertise in various web technologies. The two founders Baldwin and Jay have both worked with various web technolgies for the past 15 years each! From design to development, we cover a wide spectrum of technologies.

As Engineers

We are very meticulous about efficiency, system and information architecture. We deliver solid and reliable code while keeping in mind performance and scalability.

As Designers

We love sweet, sweet eye candy! But eye candy alone isn't good enough. We focus on branding, maintaining identity as well as a solid user interface to benefit both the visitors and the client's message.

As Consultants

We keep efficiency and client costs in mind. We know that with the current economy, times are rough, but that shouldn't hold you back from moving foreward.

As Geeks

We like to play with the latest gadgets and gizmos. Technology is what we love and do!